“Hello Jarred”, said a voice in front of us. I jerked my head to see who was there but
there was no one. Dad did not seem surprised at all, he didn’t even seem to be looking
for whomever had just called his name.
“Hello Matthew”, said a different voice this time. Again I jerked my head to see who was
there and could see no one. Two different people had just called out our names and
there was no one there. What was even spookier was the fact that Dad wasn’t the least
bit concerned and the Pelican’s seemed to be grinning.
“Hello Mickey, hello Pauly”, said Dad, looking directly at both Pelicans “thanks for
showing us the way, I always get lost round these parts, brain like a sieve you know.”
Dad tapped his head and winked. Both Pelicans winked back. Now I was starting to freak
“As you know, this is my son, Matthew” Dad beckoned to me to stand closer to the
Pelicans. I reluctantly moved forward. I was in that awkward zone where the only thing
to do to stop having a freak out is to move, breathe and constantly repeat ‘it’s all in your
mind, it’s all in your mind!’
This was not the case when the Pelican on the left sort of waddled over, stretched out a
cocked wing and said “my name is Micky, but you can call me Mick for short, all my
friends do.” I was almost giddy with disbelief, especially when I saw the four fingers
protruding from the feathers at the elbow of his wing.
“It’s rude not to shake someone’s hand when they introduce themselves Matt,” said
Dad. I extended my trembling hand which was
firmly grasped by the Pelican known as
Mick. His friend had hopped joyfully over as well, “you can call me Pauly, coz, well, coz
that’s my name,” he let out a roaring laugh that filled the air. He too held out his hand
which I duly shook just before my knees gave way and I hit the ground. I remember