glad to be going back home to see the loved ones we had been missing so much. The
food that evening was amazing and the company was equally as good. Just as dessert
was over there was a commotion at the head of the table. Kayla was standing on the
table, behind her a makeshift black curtain had been erected like that for a stage. She
cleared her throat as a signal for all of us to be quiet.
“Now, since you have all be such good students over the past week we have decided to
treat you to a show. If any of you are caught laughing I will drag you down the beach
and eat you alive.” There was a long pause. “I said EAT YOU ALIVE!” she nearly screamed.
The curtains fluffed out and there was a loud “Oh, I think that was our cue” from behind
it. A second later the curtains pulled back to reveal upon a makeshift bamboo stage, all
the Pelicans who had taught
us and waited on us, dressed in the most bizarre and
unbelievably funny outfits ever seen, especially on a Pelican.
We all immediately burst out laughing. The laughing only got louder when Kayla was
draped in a pink feather scarf and adorned with a pair of bright pink plastic sunglasses.
The whole look was topped off with a pink umbrella and a plastic cocktail glass filled
with a pink liquid that didn’t spill and a straw that was obviously stuck to the glass. She
took her place on the small stage in line with the other Pelicans. The show began. It was
They re-enacted many of the moments that had taken place over the past week. One
scene was set in the cavern where a few of us got lost and couldn’t find the entrance
back out, the Pelican’s embellished so much that by the time it was finished we were
crying with laughter. The show took place over about an hour and was closed off with a
tribute to Robert. It was simply beautiful, they broke into their magical song we all
heard on the first day of our arrival and all the colours that emanated from this one
scene were so magical that the whole thing brought tears to my eyes. I expressed my