gratitude at being privileged enough to witness something as magical as this and Iwas
sure that the memory would never leave me, ever.
We all gave a standing ovation as the cast of the super production took a bow. There
were loud whooping noises and a ton of clapping. The Pelican’s kept their outfits on and
wondered around us taking more of the applause and congratulations. We were all
surprised with a huge cake that was brought to the table accompanied by huge bowls of
hot custard. We had a feast and by the end of it all I looked like a round ball I had eaten
so much. All of us were very tired and I knew making it back to the cabin would be a
mission, but I had one question I needed to ask Kayla.
I wondered through the crowd until I found her.
“What’s it Matthew my boy,” she beamed at me with her pink feather scarf flapping in
the light and warm night breeze.
I spoke to her in our way so as not to be overheard by anyone else, I was embarrassed I
might have misunderstood something and did not want any of the others looking at me
funny. I formed the words in my mind and they floated off to her.
“I feel that we have not learnt everything we need to learn, shouldn’t this take longer? I
mean we have such huge tasks yet we have only been here for a short while.” I felt a
little uneasy asking the question.
“My boy,” she replied, “when you learn stuff the way you have been taught to learn,
then it takes quite a while. But, when you remember something that you have always
known, then the time spent learning what you remember is considerably shorter. Know
what I mean?” There was a slight bit of humour to the tone as I read
the words.