“You all chose this path before you were born, therefore you imprinted upon your souls
all that you needed to know to carry out your divine missions. You forgot all about it
when you were born and then you came here. Our job, among other things, is to help
you remember what you already know. And the fact that you can practice what you
know wherever you are, you don’t have to spend all your time here perfecting it. In fact
it is quite the opposite, you need to get out there and learn what you remember in
situations that will benefit the world. This is not a gift if you do not give it to the world
my boy.
“But you know all this already, now go get your friends and get off to bed. I will see you
all in the morning,” she spun around, gave a loud
squawk and hopped off to chat to a
group of kids crowded around Pauly and Mick who had them all in stitches. I was
wondering if the others wanted to stay longer since everyone was having so much fun,
but just as the thought occurred Phil came to find me and suggested we get off to bed,
the night was wearing heavy upon us. I gratefully agreed and we trundled off to the
cabin. We sat on the couches for about half an hour sipping on some fresh fruit juice
chatting about our brief time on the island. It was peaceful and it felt so good to get my
feet up in a comfortable position.
“Can you believe that it has only been a little over a week?” Kim asked.
“I know, it feels weird,” I replied.
“Yeah, it’s almost as if time slowed down,” Phil added. It made sense, as bizarre a
concept as it was, it seemed as if time slowed down. The more I thought about the time
slowing down the more my eyes started to droop. I was nodding off I was so
comfortable. That was enough for us all to agree that it was definitely bed time.