As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. I had the recurring dream again, I was in
the train after
it crashed this time. I was searching for survivors. I was searching with a
purpose, not just randomly for anyone I could find breathing. These were specific
people, children, I was looking for children. It was freezing and the more and more I
looked the less and less control I had over the shaking of my hands. Smoke started to fill
the cabin and I couldn’t see a thing. I woke up feeling desolate and depressed I couldn’t
find who I was looking for. I woke up and pulled the sheet around me, even in the heat I
was shivering as if I was still caught in the frozen train wreck. I drifted back to sleep and
could only remember snippets of other dreams where
I was running from fire again and
fighting off being drowned. I was grateful that I could only remember snippets and that I
was at least able to get some sleep.
I woke up with the heat from the mid morning causing me to sweat a lot more than was
comfortable. We were obviously left to sleep in as much as we wanted on this last day. I
could hear Phil still snoring away in his bed. John was up and reading an old worn red
book on the couch. I got up and grabbed some juice to quench my thirst and cool me
down a bit. I sat next to John who didn’t even notice me. The cover of his book was
entitled “Endangered Animals and their Habitats, volume 2” written by John Loxford and
illustrated by Patsy Newbury. It was a big book and looked to have been used quite
often by the brothers. I coughed. John nearly jumped out of his skin. It was hilarious.
“You nearly gave me a heart attack you bugger,” he roared at me in a deep laugh while
he hit me on the shoulder.
“Ow!” I exclaimed, “you’ll pay for that” I reported raising my fist to get him back. He
jumped off the couch and threw his book onto his bed, grabbed a towel and yelled
“you’ll have to catch me first,” and ran off to the beach. I didn’t even hesitate. I grabbed
my towel off the rail next to my bed and sped off after him in my boxers. I caught up to
him just as he plunged into the ocean. Our towels lay on the sand as we ran into the