waves, pushing forward more and more until the waves were crashing on us. We caught
a few breaks and rode them in. The water was awesome
and we splashed each other
and joked around. After a few minutes of playing around Phil joined us rather lazily
plopping into the water.
The three of us caught some more of the small waves and relished in the late morning
warm ocean water. As I bobbed up and down in the swells some more I was overcome
with a feeling of gratitude, not specific, but general. The water looked golden as the sun
reflected off the white bubbles all around us. John and Phil were also mesmerised by
the moment. We looked at each
other and smiled. It felt like this is what life was about,
moments like this. Even though we knew it to be the quiet before the storm we enjoyed
it to the fullest capacity. We went back out and caught some more waves and then lay
on the sand allowing the
warm rays of the sun to dry us. We were interrupted by the
silhouette of a Pelican.
It was Mick. “Good day boys, I see you are enjoying yourselves, very good, very good.”
He was in a jovial mood as always. “Your presence is required in the amphitheatre at
four pm this afternoon please,” he continued. We all stared at him blankly. He sighed,
“The big place with the stage where you all gathered on your first day here,” he
“Oohhhhhh,” we all responded in unison, smiling like idiots.
“Sheeesh, how you three ended up as Pioneers I will never know, just make sure you
keep Kim close at hand, she’s the clever one. Four pm, amphitheatre, don’t be late!” He
flapped his wings and shot off. We lay in the sun for a few more minutes and then made
our way back to the cabin. It was nearing midday. Kim, George, Molly and Dad were
sipping juice at the table on the common deck. They too seemed to be relaxing and
taking in the moment.