“I’m right here my boy,” his voice reassured me. I had been here long enough to know
when a voice was coming from outside of my head or from very close to inside my ear,
like when I heard Kayla’s voice and she was nowhere to be seen. Something was wrong,
I could sense it.
I picked up my pace, the brush was so dense now that there was very little light filtering
in. The little light that did come in had a green hue to it. In my haste I nearly barrelled
into thick stump that split the path in two. The panic voice grew louder. “Which way
Dad?” I yelled, really starting to sweat now.
“Go left my boy,” his voice came from that space inside my ear. If it had been my first
experience I would have sworn his voice came from just in front of me on the path to
the left. I went left without hesitation. My fear was growing more and more with each
breath. A thought occurred to me to turn back. There was a loud rustling of leaves
behind me and I spun round to take a look. The path had closed in on itself, the only way
was to move forward now. I moved down the path, the tunnel closing in more and more
with each step until I was on my knees crawling. My breathing was rapid and I felt like I
wasn’t getting enough air into my lungs. The whole path started to spin. A tear rolled
down my cheek. I felt the leafy walls close in on me and force me onto my stomach.
Everything started to go black. “Dad, help me,” I cried.
“It’s ok my boy,” I heard his voice, “you need to take control of your fear and use it to
clear your head,” he said.
“What’s going on, I thought we were going to have lunch, why are you doing this to
me?!” I shouted through tears.