“What now Dad? This is not getting any better, tell me what to do,” I pleaded more than
asked. I waited for an answer. I waited some more. The tendril wrapped itself tighter as I
struggled to free my foot.
“You’ll figure it out,” said his fading voice.
“Dad!........Dad!” I yelled. There was no answer. He was gone. I was left alone to die in
the most horrible way I could ever imagine and he was gone. Another tendril wrapped
itself around my other foot. It too grew tighter the more I struggled. The branches were
touching my face now, I felt I was about to be swallowed by the trees. At this point I
gave up. I surrendered to the
fact that it was over and I lay limp and helpless in the
descending bush waiting to be swallowed by thorns and leaves and sharp branches of
doom. Silent tears were rolling down both my cheeks. I lay still and limp.
The more I lay there the more nothing happened. I moved my feet back quickly and felt
the tendril tighten around my ankles again. I began to notice the more I moved the
more the trees and branches around me moved. They seemed to move with the same
force and panic I did. I lay still and began to wonder. A little light went off in the back of
my mind. I lay still and began to breathe with purpose and not panic. I took deeper
controlled breaths that inflated my chest but kept the rest of my body still. As I did this
the foliage around me also began to heave much like my chest. I breathed to inflate the
tunnel around me. The tunnel copied my movements so I had to become a part of it if I
wanted to get out of it. I needed to control the part of it I was connected to so that I
could get out of it.
The more I breathed with intent the more the tunnel opened up to its original size. As
this happened I very slowly started to inch my way on my back so that I could move my
feet away from the relaxed tendrils around my ankles. They seemed to feel my
but since there was no quick jerking they didn’t get any tighter and I was