able to free myself. It took every ounce of effort not to turn and run as fast as I could
out of there. I knew that if I did I would just end up in the same situation again, besides,
I had no idea how to get out. Another light went on in my head.
I had to get it to show me the way out. I rolled over onto my stomach and then got onto
my knees. It felt good to kneel and stretch my back a little. I could feel the brush around
me move with me. I made sure I did everything slowly. How was I going to get it to show
me the way out? Think thinkthink. I was trying to force the idea out of my head. This
was not working, in fact it was pushing the idea further away. It was right there I could
feel it.
I knelt still for a minute and I closed my eyes now that I had a handle on not getting
suffocated to death. I had no idea where I was going, there was no picture for me to
form in my mind of where it was I was supposed to go. The path behind me was still
closed off, I could feel it without turning around. So there was no going back. I felt it. I
felt it. That’s it! I had to find the energy string of the force around me. It had to have one
if it was alive did it not? And if it was this coordinated
and such a force to be reckoned
with then it shouldn’t be hard to find. As I thought this there was a wind that swept
through the branches and leaves. I opened my eyes. I didn’t feel any wind on my skin
but the sound was everywhere, and my logic was telling me there had to be wind
somewhere. I heard it again starting behind my left ear and rushing past me to the right.
I heard it but felt nothing.
I knew it had to be something else and not the wind. I pushed back my assumption that
it must be wind and opened my mind to a different explanation, one that existed but
that I had never been in a situation to experience. This openness flicked a switch on in
my mind and it felt like a series of thoughts were popping into my head. Not from an
outside source but from a part of me that had the answer but had been hidden on
purpose. One of the thoughts was that I had all the answers to every question I could