landing on the soft leaves thinking how nice and cool they were and hoping against
hope that whatever I had was not fatal or contagious. I heard the rustling of feathers
could be heard as Dad scooped me up from
the ground and everything went black.
PART 1: Chapter 2
I woke up as usual. My eyes still glued shut but my brain starting to get a bit more active
and in tune with my muscles. I could feel the bed was soft, as were the covers, there
was definitely a fan overhead whirring fresh air onto my face. There was something else,
something familiar, something........yes waves, I heard waves crashing, and it sounded as
if they were not far away. I sat up in the bed rubbing my eyes. What I saw in front of me
was a sandy beach not more than twenty metres from the windowless opening of the
room and just beyond that was the sea, waves rolling in and breaking against the shore.
It was breath-taking.
I sat upright in a single bed with white sheets and a very soft feathery mattress. It was
brilliant. I was in what looked to be a small wooden cabin with no window panes and a
grass roof. Dad was sitting in a single wooden chair at the foot of the bed staring out at
the ocean, rocking on the back two legs of the chair. He was humming a song which
sounded familiar, I couldn’t quite remember it completely though. I cleared my throat
so he would know I was awake.
“Hey little buddy, glad you’re up, you’ve been out for quite a while” he said standing
from the chair and coming over to the bed. I vaguely remembered the bad dream about
talking birds but my brain seemed to skid around it and jump straight back to the view.
Dad must have read my mind as he said “we can go swim in a bit, first we need to go
over some things.” And then the two Pelican’s swooped into the room through the