ever ask already within me, I had just forgotten about it. This was starting to sound
The dull thought came from way back in my mind and it grew stronger and stronger
with each sigh in the trees and branches around me. The energy string of a combined
force such as nature was a lot faster and more evasive than that of a single human. With
it came a series of other thoughts about combining human energy strings to achieve the
same speed and manoeuvrability, but I knew this was not for now. I had to focus on one
thing at a time. I concentrated hard to pull the one thought I needed into focus and
clear out the rest. My ego was screaming at me not to let any thought go in case I forgot
what was being said and would never be able to recall them again. I knew beyond a
shadow of a doubt that this was false. I would always have the ability to remember. This
realisation seemed to do the trick. I focused easier now on the thought about this form
of natures energy string.
I needed to get into touch with the energy string. I needed to do this so I could see what
was around me. Holy crap. I could use this to see what my eyes couldn’t see. Oh boy. A
feeling of great excitement started to well up inside me. With it however came a caution.
Energy strings in nature are
naturally defensive, as was evident with my battle so far.
Unwelcome or unknown movement causes further defensive strategies to be employed.
If the force is unknown then stillness will cause the defensiveness to halt. If the force is
unwelcome on the other hand, well then anything could happen. These strings of energy
will stop a threat even if it means that the threat must be eliminated totally. I made a
mental note never to become a threat in situations like this, ever!
Right now I was an unknown. So my
constantly evolving logic was telling me I had to
become known. How do I do that? Well I guess I needed to introduce myself. Something
told me that a normal verbal introduction was not going to do. I was seen in the physical
form, but for me to introduce myself in a way this energy string could see, well that