required that I present my energy string in a way that was visible to the driving force
behind the maze around me. How? I pondered on this for a few minutes.
A couple of ideas came to me but the one
I felt would work the best was to push out my
energy string in the same way as we had been taught over the past few days. This time,
instead of searching for something though, I should just let it hang around. My energy
string was always around but it was
a tool when focused with intent and thought. I got
my breathing under control again, it was a bit erratic because of all these new
realisations. I steadied and then let my energy string out. I had a strong urgent feeling
not to be afraid, that being afraid would not be very good. So I replaced my fear with
anxious excitement. It was the easiest way I could think of getting around the whole fear
thing since they both caused the same reaction of butterflies in my stomach.
I waited for a while. I had noticed
that the sigh came past my ear only once more and
then stopped. In fact the whole immediate area around me seemed to be exceptionally
still. No movement whatsoever. I made sure I did the same. I waited some more. After
what seemed like forever I started to feel a light pressure forming around me. It was as
if something was trying to get into my space. My natural reaction was to resist but the
warning bells went off in my head that to do so would again not be a very good idea.
So I surrendered and allowed the probing to carry on into my space. What happened
next surprised me. In an instant the energy string all around me engulfed my own
energy string and dragged me from my nice comfortable position into a hair raising
rollercoaster ride through the trees and leaves and branches. I knew it was just my
awareness and that my physical body was still in the same position, but this made no
difference, it still felt like I was being dragged through all of this at breakneck speed. My
stomach lurched and I felt dizzy. There were distant scratching noises and sighs but I did
not pay attention to them. I did not hear any voices.