One thought did occur to me as I was on my journey of deathly speed which was that I
was not being suffocated to death so I might just have made it as a known entity to this
energy string and that I was not a threat. I was just hoping that its enthusiasm would
soon wear off as I did not think I could handle much more of the leaf and branch
dodging. I was beginning to feel very ill indeed. This must have worked in my favour as
we immediately slowed down to a more acceptable pace.
We had come full circle in what was probably a few minutes but felt like a life time. We
swished past the left ear of my body and off to the right. It looked as if we were about
to go on the same journey except at a much slower pace. I wanted to stop and see
where we were. As I thought this we came to a stop. Hmmmmm interesting. I thought
to turn and see if my body was still where it was. And so it happened. I asked, am
I in
control? There came a loud sigh and scratching noise to confirm. What I was seeing was
It was like the dream scene on a TV programme, hazy and misty. I had a wide view of
everything in front of me and to the sides. My peripheral vision was amazing. I took it all
in. It was very weird seeing myself in these ways. I did my best not to try make sense of
I tried to move back to where I was kneeling but was unable to. I wondered why and I
immediately received confirmation that the energy behind the force of nature moved in
a fixed pattern. This explained the consistent sigh that came past my ear at regular
intervals. The only control was the speed at which the cycle completed. I thought to
take the tour, at a mild pace.
I moved very slowly at first but when I realised I was in control, only because it let me be
in control, of the speed did I get the confidence to go a little faster. The tour was
through the bush that formed the tunnel I was in, it was thick and vast and looked like it