went on
forever. The path forked in several different places and it was quite difficult to
keep track. Further up one of the forked pathways the brush thinned considerably and
eventually opened up into a clearing that led off into more open land where I caught a
glimpse of some benches and further away in the distance blue surf pounding the shore.
Sitting on one of the benches was Dad, his back to me, it looked like he was eating a
sandwich. Before I lost my cool the nature energy string pulled me along its path
again. I
learnt that it did not like travelling slowly and it did not like stopping much. I continued
the cycle and ended up taking in more of the thick vegetation. I was stunned at how
alive everything looked and felt. I ended up whizzing past my ear again and after a few
more quick turns around the course I worked out which forks to take to get to the
clearing where Dad was.
When I returned back to where my body was I requested to have my energy string
released so that my awareness and thought could get
back to its home. Without
hesitation I was released and I was able to draw my energy string back to my body. I
opened my eyes. It was a crazy thing to experience. Before I knew it my natural instinct
kicked in and I started to move, slowly enough to ensure that I wasn’t snagged. This
time I was more confident though because I knew that I was at the very least not
unknown anymore and definitely not a threat. Within five minutes I reached the clearing
and was standing up stretching and dusting the leaves and
dirt off my clothes. As I stood
there I was wrestling with a multitude of emotions ranging from elation for getting free
to absolute anger at Dad for leaving me. I tried to remain calm but the natural thing for
me was I broke down and cried, it seemed the
most natural thing to do at the moment. I
wept for what felt like a long time and I let all the emotion out. No one came to my side
to console me. That was when the anger came back and I approached Dad.
I stood behind him clenching my fists, fresh tears on my cheeks.