“Before you do that my boy let me assure you that I too have been crying,” Dad said
turning to me, fresh tears also staining his cheeks. I didn’t understand, why was he
crying? That just made me even angrier.
“Because I told him not to help
you, because that is his role and he must fulfil it or you
will never fulfil yours,” said Suriyan’s voice behind me. What the hell, this was just
stupid. I was so cross I just walked away from both of them and stood on the beach,
silently shaking my head,
the anger still very much there. I stood like this for a long while
before I calmed down.
I heard Dad approach from behind. He came and stood next to me. He didn’t say
anything. We just stood there. After a few minutes he reached out and held my hand.
stood like this for some time before he broke the silence. I was feeling a lot calmer
“All I wanted to do was jump in and save you my boy, it’s that way for all parents, we
don’t want our children to hurt or suffer or endure any kind of trauma. The truth is if we
could control it all so that you would never experience these things, we would, and that
is not a good thing. If we did how would you learn anything?” he asked.
“But that was on purpose Dad, you caused me to suffer and endure trauma,” I argued
feebly because I knew the answer.
“You and I both know it was something you needed to learn as a Pioneer, to deny this is
an insult to you and all that has taken place here.” His tone was firm, it made me snap
back to reality a little. “It was still painful for me to watch and I cried as a reaction to my
feelings. Now, well now I have never been more proud of you in my life. I don’t know
the extent of everything that went on back there but I know that it was a success and
you are my son the Pioneer and
you rock my boy!” His words hit me in the sweet spot