right in the middle of my chest. I beamed from ear to ear as I began to celebrate my
own success a little. What happened was pretty amazing, I just hope I didn’t have to
apply it too soon. Dad gave me a
huge bear hug and we laughed. We walked back to the
benches where Suriyan was perched on one of the arm rests humming a familiar tune.
He held a small basket in one of his winged hands. He kept humming as he offered the
basket to me with his beaky smile.
I opened it to find a really nice smelling lunch consisting of a sandwich, some fruit, a
drink of some kind and my favourite chocolate in the world. I grabbed it immediately
and devoured it to smiles of approval from both Dad and Suriyan. It was delicious.
“A small token of appreciation for you my boy. Learning of this kind can be taxing, but
you have passed with flying colours and as necessary as it is we are never ever at a point
where we are not truly and deeply grateful.” It was great to hear Suriyan’s voice out
loud and not in my head, it had a melodic trance to it when spoken that felt calming and
healing. The vibrations of speech, I had learned, were different when in voice form and
in thought form, both equally effective but with distinctly different energy.
I sat and ate the rest of the lunch, it was delicious and I was starving. The juice was
especially refreshing, it was some variation of a coco pine drink. I felt really cool and
collected after.
“We should get back, this whole thing has eaten
a nice big chunk out of our timeframe,
the ceremony will be starting soon and I am sure you would like to spend a little more
time with your friends,” Dad said. He was right, it was just after two in the afternoon. I
was quite amazed at how long we had been out here. Dad and Suriyan made their way
to the beach while I made my way back to the tunnel of green I came out of. They
turned to look at me with a puzzled look.