“I want to say thank you again,” I said, “and I could use the practice,” I smiled and
before I could see either of their responses I made my way back into the maze. The idea
of going back the way I came from was an impulse decision that came from deep within
my gut that I could not deny. I think it was just that part of me that was saying let’s do it
one more time to make sure it’s real and that it’s not a dream.
I learnt a very valuable lesson when I went back in. I immediately got the sense of
familiarity between the two of us and that I was not an unknown. What was different
however was my
status as being a non-threat previously did not apply the second time
round. When I allowed the energy string to take me for a spin again I learnt that the
energy will always determine if a subject is a threat regardless if it is known or not. It did
have relationships, it primarily only remembered energies and their travelling
preferences. I injected a great big feeling of gratitude into the energy string for teaching
me, showing me and mostly for not killing me. It liked the gratitude very much and I
got a feeling of gratitude from it to say thank you for using it and acknowledging it.
I made it back to the infirmary just as Dad and Suriyan came out of one of the pathways
that led into the back side of the property. I smiled at them and they looked at me, then
each other and then burst into laughter. I too laughed.
“Well done my boy,” they both said at the same time. “You are as ready as you will ever
be.” We walked back to the cabin together. Dad gave me a hug goodbye and
instructions to meet him at the same place in the amphitheatre where we were when
we first got the here. When I got inside I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It
looked like a ton of dirt was emptied all over me. No one was in the cabin, I was alone. I
immediately went
into the shower and cleaned up. It was awesome and I broke into
song whilst taking the most amazing shower of my life. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends
what had happened and I also couldn’t wait to get to the amphitheatre to see what was
going to happen.