We were to pack up all our gear and clean up the cabin. I was caught between two
emotions. I was sad to leave this place and sad to leave my friends and this adventure.
But I was excited to be going home to see Mom and Caitlin and of course my school
friends. It felt like I had been here for months. This was all underlined with a sense of
anxiety as to what was going to happen. But today was not the day for worry, so I
focused on spending the next few hours with my friends.
They came back a little sooner than I thought they would. When I got out the shower
with the towel around my waste Phil and John clapped and whistled. They were
standing in the lounge area, dripping wet. They thought my signing was really
interesting. I turned a deep deep red and burst out laughing.
“We better get cleaned up too brother, you first,” said John. “Where did you go?” he
asked me.
“Uuuum, let’s wait until we are all cleaned up and I will tell you outside, then you can
tell me why you guys are sopping wet in your clothes. Where’s Kim?” I asked.
“Right here, nice towel,” she said from the open sliding door. I turned an even deeper
shade of red. “I am going to clean up too, and then we can all chat out here.” She also
looked like she had been through a physical encounter of some kind. Before I could
speak to her she giggled and turned to go to her cabin. After about twenty minutes we
were all outside at the table, each of us with a tall glass of ice cold pineapple juice. We
had only about an hour before we needed to get out to the amphitheatre. I was bursting
to tell them what happened to me even though they had experienced something as well.
I couldn’t help myself and I launched into telling them what had happened, as much as I
could without taking up too much of our time we had left together.