They weren’t as shocked as I thought they might have been, but their eyes were slightly
wider and their jaws slightly more open.
“I had a similar experience with my Dad,” Kim said.
“So did we,” said the twins, “with Aunt Molly.”
This was amazing. On the one day we all thought we would be able to laze around and
enjoy doing nothing, we all had our biggest lessons since we got here. “What happened
to all you guys?” I asked, barely able to contain my excitement. The twins were first. I
could see Kim gathering
her thoughts, this usually meant she would speak last and
probably with the most impact. Phil started.
“After you left for lunch with your Dad we decided it would be nice to grab a bite to eat
with Aunt Molly so she suggested we also go for a picnic,” there was a level of
excitement in his voice that I had never seen before, it was like every emotion was
trying to escape out through his voice all at once. “We ended up in a nice shady spot
inland somewhere, it took as a good while to get there mind you,” he
continued. It was
at this point that John joined in.
“It was quite nice really, we sat and started to eat and were talking a bit, you know,
general chit chat to shoot the breeze. Aunt Molly got up to get us a fruit she was telling
us about, it was in the
bushes up ahead and she said she would be right back,” he said.
“Before you knew it she was out of sight,” Phil added hastily. “At first we thought
nothing of it but after a few minutes we grew a bit anxious. We called after her but she
did not answer,” Phil’s excitement was barely contained. John was much calmer in his