“We were about to go after her right when out of nowhere it became darker and darker
and darker. Eventually it was pitch black. I mean pitch black, like in the middle of the
in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere. That black blackblack,” John said
with so much conviction I could see it clearly in my mind.
“At first we panicked,” said Phil, “but we used each other’s voices to calm down and
stayed very still. We were calling for Aunt Molly, at one point I think we were even
screaming. I must admit I was slightly scared.” John looked at his brother with his
eyebrows raised.
“You and I are twins you nitwit, I was bloody petrified and I know
you were too, stop
trying to look good, besides these two will see right through us if we bend the truth
even slightly,” John told his brother with an all too familiar smirk. There was a bit of a
“Okay, Okay, I was scared witless,” he replied reluctantly, “it wasn’t the best feeling in
the world. And it got worse.”
“How so?” Kim asked as intrigued as I was.
“We heard a number of rustling sounds coming from the edge of the clearing we were in,
and when it is that dark and you are that scared, you will always think the worst,” John
said. “The sounds didn’t get any closer but they grew in numbers, I could tell that we
were being surrounded by something.”
“To cut a long story short, they all turned out to be inhabitants of the surrounding forest.
Some were rats, many of them were snakes, a good number of them were a small deer
type of animal and there was even a large cat of some sort,” Phil told us.