windowless window. My dream came back to me, Micky and Pauly, the talking Pelicans
with hands hidden in their wings. I lay back down and closed my eyes, maybe it was just
a dream, again.
“How’s he doing Jarred, still a bit dazed? I remember you did exactly the same thing
when your father brought you here for the first time” Micky said with a joyful little
“Yeah you bumped your head and bled all over the place though, not badly, but enough
to have us all worried for a bit” Pauly had a much more serious tone. “Right we need to
get this done with lad, no more denial and no more sleepy-sleepy, time to face the facts”
his voice grew louder and louder as he drew closer and closer to me. I felt his weight as
he hopped onto the bed and could feel his little Pelican feet walking up to me. I closed
my eyes even tighter. I felt a sharp prick on my check where he pecked at me.
“Don’t ignore me boy, I will just become irritated and end up pecking a hole in your
cheek.” I opened my eyes slowly and looked into the turned face of Pauly the Pelican.
His beak was clearly bent into a cheeky smile. “That’s better” he took a step back,
keeping his one dark blue eye fixed on my face.
“Now you are allowed a certain amount of leeway when it comes to being shocked and
taken aback and all that jazz but time waits for no one and we do not have much time
with you and your Dad so we need to get you to snap out of it and on board as soon as
possible.” His tone was very matter of fact and was a lot like my school principle. It was
the kind of tone and voice that you ignore at your own risk. I immediately found myself
sitting at attention and nodding away as if I were speaking to a normal person. Every
time my brain screamed ‘you are listening to a flipping talking Pelican’ Pauly would
sharpen and project his tone in such a way that I immediately snapped out of it.