“Much like with you Matthew,” John continued, “at first they first were just there and
the more we panicked and resisted the more they came at us, making more sounds.
Eventually they started to close in on us and we really started to panic when we felt
them touching us.” The panic they had felt was coming through in his voice as he
relayed the story. “We
had forgotten everything in our fear, we even forgot that we can
communicate with animals.”
“The weird thing is, when we remembered, the more we tried to communicate, the
more agitated they got and we were unable to do what we usually are able to do. It was
the craziest thing,” Phil continued. “Until we both got a thought fed to us from
somewhere that to attempt what we were usually able to do out of fear would only
push it further away. This pushing also agitated the animals around us because they
could not tell what we were or what we were doing there so they could not tell if we
were a threat or not. They reacted to our fear in a defensive way.”
John carried on with the last bit of the story. “When we realised this we immediately
calmed ourselves down
the way Suriyan taught us. Once this was done we were able to
communicate with all the animals around us, showing them we were not a threat and
were then able to use them to switch the lights back on, so to speak.”
“The most interesting part was that there was no clear leader amongst them as they did
not understand hierarchy. So it was up to us to pull them together so that they could
help us. We had to be their leader so that they could lead us, isn’t that just the most
bizarre thing?” He asked.
Kim and
I were amazed. It turned out that Aunt Molly was also in on the whole thing
and she was working with Mick and Pauly on the lesson. The twins didn’t go any further
than that but I suspect that there were tears involved with them as well. We all sat and
sipped our juices. It all seemed unreal but extremely real at the same time, even more