real than what we thought was real back home. In fact the more I considered it the
more I knew I would not be able to see “normal” life the same way again. I wondered
how this was going to work out for me.
We asked a few questions of each other and went back over some of the things that
happened until we were full up on enough of our own drama. The three of us turned to
Kim in expectation. “Well,” said John, “what happened to you my dear?”
There was a long silence and a small tear formed and ran down her left cheek. “I saw my
sister, Meagan,” she answered.
“Oh,” I said automatically, “is she here too?” It seemed odd that we had never met her
if she were here.
“No Matthew,” she replied, “Meagan is dead.”
Oops, was my first thought. Confusion came next. After that,
chills ran down my spine.
The twins had a similar reaction. We couldn’t find anything to say so we kept quiet,
waiting for Kim to tell us what happened. She composed herself, by the looks of it, it
took a lot of energy to do.
“Dad said that I needed to go and see one of the Pelican’s at the infirmary. My stomach
wasn’t feeling too well this morning when I woke up, I thought it may have been
something I ate. It was in the building that was behind the one where Robert passed
away.” I could see it was hard for her to tell the story. Without thinking I put my hand
on hers to comfort her. She smiled at me and held tight. It felt good to be there for her.
She continued her story. “The building is considerably bigger than the one we were all in,
or at least it felt that way. I encountered a Pelican on the first floor who gave me