directions to take the stairs up to the second landing, go down the passage and take the
fourth door on my left and wait in there, a doctor would be along shortly. I did exactly as
she instructed.
“The door had a huge number 9 on it and when I opened up the door I was taken aback
by how large the room was. I went in and closed the door behind me. It was a huge
office for a doctor and it had another door leading off it which went to the examination
room. I waited on a chair in front of a large desk. I waited and waited and waited. I got
bored and eventually started to walk around the office and what not. I got quite
annoyed that I had to wait so long.
“Anyway, after about an hour I got fed
up. I was feeling better anyway, so I decided to
just leave it and go back to the cabin and wait for you all.” She took a deep breath and a
long sip from her juice. Her grip was so tight that it actually hurt a little. “When I opened
the door back to the hallway on the second floor I didn’t think anything was wrong at
first but I did notice that there were more doors than I remembered and it seemed
longer. I ignored it and went to the stairs down to the first floor. The thing is, when I got
to the foot of the stairs I was back in another hallway again. I froze at that point, I didn’t
know what to do or think,” she said. “I immediately ran back up stairs to see what was
going on, in case I may have missed something.” We were all taken by her story.
“Upstairs was exactly the same as when I came out the door. I looked at the big number
nine on the doctor’s door. I started to reason with myself and tell myself it was just a
figment of my imagination and that when I walked back down the stairs I will be back on
the ground floor and on my way back to the cabin,” she had turned a little pale.
“I blinked a few times and then went down the stairs, slowly. I closed my eyes when I
turned the corner and descended down the last few steps. When I opened them I nearly
collapsed. I was back on the second floor landing, I could see the number nine on