thedoctor’s door. I felt like I was mad. I ran up and down so many times, opening and
closing the doctor’s door that eventually my legs grew weak and I sat crying on the stairs.
I hadn’t even gotten to the other doors. I suddenly felt absolutely hopeless, that this
was the end and I would die there on those steps, alone and pitiful, without anyone to
love me or save me,” more tears came down her cheeks. She looked away from us and
tried to compose herself.
“The stairwell and passage grew darker with each moment and it was like a grey gloomy
depressing and suffocating mass was descending on me. I closed my eyes and nearly
gave up, right there, ready to die. It was then that a thought occurred to me, or was by
the sounds of what happened to all of us, was given to me. It was that in times like
these, there are energies that are no longer in solid biological form that can steer us in
the right direction. For whatever reason this gave
me hope. I opened my eyes and
standing in front of me was Robert, he looked magnificent and regal. His wings were
open and he had a smile that lit up my soul,” this unexpected bit of the story had us
take a sharp breath, followed by a slow ‘wow’ from all three of us.
“He told me, without uttering a word, that there is a way out and it would be a great
honour for him to show me the way out, but first there was someone who wanted to
speak to me and that I must not be afraid when she comes because fear will push him
and her away and they would have to leave. I promised him I would not be afraid.
“It was then that Meagan stepped out from behind him. I was stunned and I began to
cry, a lot, again. I wanted to jump up and grab hold of her and run back to Dad to
him but she stopped me with a stern order to stay seated. Meagan was the oldest so I
automatically obeyed her and sat. She told me that my use of logic is a great asset but
that I must not let it deny me from reaching my full potential as a Pioneer. Help is found
in all things and in all places, not just those that I am aware of,” Kim was more