composed now, I could hear a hint of pride in her voice when she spoke of her sister, it
gave her strength.
“She told me that she had come a long way to speak to me and that she needed to
return. We exchanged our love for each other, she gave me a message for Dad and with
that she was gone. I reached for her to come back but Robert stopped me. He told me
that it is dangerous to do things like that. He then explained to me that entities that
have recently crossed over are around when we need them, for a while, and that I can
call on them in times of need. I must be aware not to call on my loved ones for whom I
am still grieving as this is dangerous for I will not ask them for help but rather would
want to go with them or have them come with me, which is neither safe nor appropriate.
“Today he was there as my guide, and I needed to give him permission to help me. I did
so and he then showed me a way out,” she smiled at us and took another sip of her juice.
“Aaaaaaaaaand!” exclaimed John, “how did you get out, what was the problem?” he
asked excitedly.
“The same as yours,” she replied, “it was an illusion created to learn the lesson.
“And the gloomy feeling and all that?” asked John.
“Well now that, that was what Robert helped me navigate. He helped me see what was
real and that there is always hope, no matter what. We then used my gift to transmute
the gloominess with a new sense of clarity and hope and then we
moved through the
maze. Once I had calmed down and returned to normal I was able see all the things I
had overlooked that showed me how I got lost in the first place in such a small area and
also all the things that would have shown me the way out. The main thing Robert left
me with was that I could call on those at hand in situations where help is needed.” She