finished with dry eyes and a sense of closure. She was happy to be through with telling it
but also happy that she told it.
I looked at the time. Kim let go of my hand and gave me a smile that warmed my heart.
We had twenty minutes before we had to be at the amphitheatre. We decided to check
our bags once more, load everything on the patio and take a walk. The twins suggested
it would be a good idea
to throw some stones into the sea and say thank you for
everything that had happened over the past few days. It was a great idea and we all
agreed. We did say thank you and it felt wonderful. I could feel the whole island say ‘it’s
a pleasure and thank you’ with a smile. We walked back and grabbed our stuff, we said
goodbye to the cabin and walked to the amphitheatre with smiles on our faces, joy in
our hearts and butterflies in our stomachs. I noticed that we were all bathed in a dull
pink colour. I was about to mention this to the others but they clearly saw it too. We
just smiled at each other.
The scene was almost identical to the first day when we arrived. Everyone was there
and there was a lot of chatting and movement going on, it was like being at a
concert in
the park. The afternoon sun was awesome and there was an atmosphere of excitement.
The only difference was that everyone would be leaving that evening. We all made a
commitment to see each other at the end of the event to say goodbye. The twins
left to
go and sit with Aunt Molly who was in the middle of the ampitheatreseating, Kim and I
made it to the front where we were on the first day. Dad and George were waiting there
for us, they were laughing at something and both held a jolly looking umbrella
decorated drink in their hands.
“Ah, good to see you two,” George greeted when he caught sight of us, “come sit. Jet!”
he yelled. “You mangy old excuse for a Pelican, get these two one of these lovely drinks
of yours will you.”