Jet made his way over to us with his big daft looking cheesy grin on his face. Kim and I
burst out laughing and gave him a huge hug. “Okay okay, that’s enough you two. It’s
great to see you,” he said enthusiastically. He held out his hand to Kim as if to take it
and give her a kiss. Just as she reached for it he pulled it back. “Too slow my dear, will
you ever learn?” And with the same lightening quick movements as the first time we
met he shoved the same drink George and Dad had in both our hands. I took a sip and
was again amazed at the taste. I thought I had tasted all the different types of variations
there were over the past days but apparently I had not. It was fantastic.
“You still bugging our guests?” said the familiar voice of Kayla from behind us.
Jet smiled a huge smile and puffed up his chest feathers and even ruffled his tail a bit.
“Guests?” he exclaimed. “Pffffffff, since when are Pioneers guests? These are our
esteemed colleagues, brethren and family my dear lady, best you show some respect!”
he said. Before
she could form a comeback he was off serving more drinks to people in
his merry way. Kayla tried to play upset but she just couldn’t hide her fondness for old
“Good to see you all,” she said to us, “take your seats, the show is about to start.” It felt
like this would be one of her last instructions to us. It was sort of sad. Dad and George
took their seats and Kayla whispered to us, “I want to chat with you four before you go, I
will see you outside when you say goodbye to each other, it’s important
so don’t leave
until I have spoken to you ok?” she sounded serious. We both nodded and took our
The stage curtain was drawn. A soft humming came from behind the curtain which grew
louder and louder. Everyone was silent now and in their seats. The curtains drew back
and a rainbow of colours exploded out towards us all. It was magnificent. A single colour
came from each of the Pelicans on stage. It was the same choir we had seen on the first