day. They each had a massive feeling of joy coming straight
out of them in the rainbow
that reached out to everyone in the audience and swirled around us with the innocence
and pure love that was this place. It was hypnotising and I was smiling from ear to ear.
The humming grew into song and the song turned into joyous rapture. The Pelicans gave
it their all and it was magnificent. The tune was similar to the one we heard when we
arrived with the main difference being the energy that came out directly into us. It was a
gift and a marvellous one at that.
When they finished they were ushered off the stage by the adult Pelican’s to cheers and
applause from us all. There was a short break and some more drinks were served.
Almost immediately after that the General appeared on stage and everyone went silent
and took their seats. He cleared his throat and greeted everyone. His voice was as rough
as ever and he looked tired and worn out.
“As soon as you all leave tonight I will be catching up on some much needed sleep,” he
gruffed. A handful of us laughed, the rest knew better. He glared at the pockets of
audience who laughed. Silence descended immediately. “The last time we spoke I
delivered the news to you that Mother Nature has spoken and her plans for
readjustment have moved forward somewhat,” he paused for dramatic effect.
“Hopefully you have all had time to now deal with the news. Also hopefully the new
ones here have retained their training, a lot is riding on you all.” His words were direct
and to a point harsh, it snapped me back to the reality of going home and dealing with
so called normal situations where Pelicans didn’t talk to me.
“To you all I say this,” another slight pause, “go out there and do what you know you
have to do, you all play a massively important role in this whole event. To the new
Pioneers I say trust your instincts and may God be with you.” He looked directly at Kim
and I and gave a slight nod and then to Phil and John. It was a heavy and anxious
moment of acknowledgement. “Tonight as you leave here you will be accompanied by