your guide Pelican’s. They have been carefully selected and you will all be very familiar
with them as you will have at some point in your stay here spent a lot of time getting to
know them.
“You all have your instructions and you will receive further guidance as you are
positioned around the world. Travel safe my brethren and may the Father and the
Mother be with you all.” His speech was short and effective. It drove home the reality of
what was to come, whatever that was. The mood was serious as he exited off the stage
and was followed by a group of Pelicans out of sight to the right. He was replaced by a
single young female Pelican who stood in the middle of the stage and began to sway
from side to side. Her movements were hypnotic and within a few minutes we were all
swaying from side to side in unison. There was a wonderful violet emanating from her
and drifting out towards the audience. She moved in sweeping motion and began to
dance a dance that captivated and thrilled us. It was as beautiful as the music of the
Pelicans. An entourage of multi-coloured Pelicans joined her on stage and they
mesmerized us as they moved with intent and passion. I was overjoyed by the
performance. The dance ended to a standing ovation by everyone in the crowd.
After the applause died down all the Pelicans who were on the island filed onto the
stage and stood in a choir formation. They were led by Kayla who gave a very short
speech expressing their gratitude to us all for choosing to accept our tasks with open
arms and open hearts. They sang a song to us all with similar words and feelings. It was
a great thing to experience and it made my joy deepen even more. As they finished, a
series of fireworks went off around the amphitheatre and everyone broke in cheers and
applause. The colours from the fireworks mixed with the colours emanating from
everyone and turned into a very entertaining and exciting spectacle of wonder.
Our attention was so keenly focused on all the colour, that we missed the setup of a
band on the stage that started to play really relaxed and really familiar sounding music.