It was soft drumming and acoustic guitar with a couple of other simple instruments
thrown in that made for relaxing soft music. A banner had been hoisted with the words
“Quack Flockson’s Smooth Grooves Beach Band”. The members of the band looked like
surfers, as far as a Pelican could look like a surfer. Kim and I sat and listened to them a
little while we got a refill of our drinks. Phil and John came over to join us. Most of the
crowd were moving around and getting ready to make their way home. We all sat and
enjoyed the band. A few of the other people we had come to know and some we even
made friends with came to say goodbye and good luck. After a while the crowd had died
down considerably and we knew it was time to leave.
Dad told me to meet him out by the beach hut once I had said my goodbyes. He gave
Kim and the twins a huge hug and grasped George in a massive bear hug. The only
words uttered between them were ‘see you soon’. He kissed Aunt Molly on the cheek
and walked off. George and Aunt Molly issued their meeting place instructions and said
farewell to us too. It felt like we were all family and although we were parting ways I
knew deep down that our lives had been intertwined
to such a degree that we would
undoubtedly be seeing each other again. George nearly crushed the twins and I with his
huge hug and Aunt Molly nearly drowned Kim and I with her tears.
PART 1: Chapter 10
We made our way out of the amphitheatre and stood in the late dusk not sure what to
say to each other. Luckily Kayla found us and broke the awkward silence.
“Right,” she started in her usual manner, “I know that it feels like something is coming
to an end here but it’s not. In fact it’s actually just beginning. You will be back home in a
few days and I want you all to enjoy your time with your families.
“You all heard the General speak of the guide Pelican’s. I am your guide Pelican, for all of
you,” she said it very matter of factly. Kim, always true to herself and before she could