stop herself, made the comment that it would be impossible as Kayla would be unable
to be in three places at once. “Have you learnt nothing in your time here my dear child?
Anything is possible if you choose to see what is really there,” she winked.
“Don’t concern yourself with the how, but only with the fact that I will be there to guide
you and your guardians when needed. I will bring you the information you need to start
your tasks, that is my
task. As Kim has pointed out, I
cannot physically be in three places
at once, so I will not physically be there to assist you. That is the role of your guardians.
You will be able to call on me in times of need as well, just in case you need a little
refresher training or the like,” she
“Also don’t forget that you have the ability to communicate with each other, don’t
forget to practice using what you learnt in the infirmary gardens.” Her tone was serious
and instructive, we all nodded and I made a mental note to practice as soon as I got
back to Johannesburg.
“How do we initiate our communication with you?” asked Kim.
“You use these,” Kayla handed each of us a small cowry shell bracelet. “I am very
difficult to locate when busy and we have bonded our energies so using this is a lot
“How does it work?” I asked.
“Hold it in both hands, picture my face and call my name. Simple as that, the shells are
bonded and I will hear you almost immediately. I will then be able to chat to you and
you will also be able to see me, that is if I am not busy with something else important,”
she said. We stood around looking at the shells and playing with them for a bit as we