exactly what the task is. I am very committed to it though, and you are too, we all are,”
she said.
“Stop,” I told her. “I know Kim, I know.” It was all I needed to say, because I did know. I
knew that I was still just a kid who was head over heels for a girl. I had no idea what love
felt like but I was pretty sure it was very close to this. I also knew that there would be
plenty of time for Kim and I to explore that side of ourselves later on, right now we had
work to do and we could not let ourselves get in the way. Tears fell down her cheeks
and I let the ones I was holding back roll down mine. I embraced her. I never grew tired
of it. She reached up and wiped the tears from my cheek and kissed it. Her lips were
warm and graceful. I smiled at her. She said goodbye and walked backwards a few steps,
holding my gaze. It was all in slow motion. Then she turned and I caught up with the
world, Kim was gone in a flash and all around me was the hustle and bustle of people
making their way home.
I walked slowly down to the beach where Dad was waiting for me. I was not upset or
morbidly sad because I knew that I would be with Kim again, and that was enough
put a smile on my face, even now when we had just said goodbye.
“The car is up on the trail where we left it. It’s a short walk, you ready?” asked Dad.
“Ready as ever Dad, let’s go,” I replied and followed his lead. It was a nice walk to the
car and
we did it in silence. Just before we turned into the path away from this magical
place that was home to us for the past few weeks I turned to take in one last look and
say goodbye. There, down below at the place in the sand where the water touches the
earth and returns back stood Suriyan. I waved to him and he returned the gesture.
“See you soon my child, see you soon,” he said inside my head. I blinked and he was
gone. I immediately thought I was imagining things but after spending time here I knew