better than that. I nodded and turned to follow Dad onto the path into the bush. We
were at the car in no time at all. It had been turned around and was facing in the way
out, it also looked as if it had been cleaned. There was some commotion near the front
of the car. I went to have a look and saw Pauly and Mick muttering over a worn out map
they were looking at. I cleared my throat so they could hear we were there.
“Oh, hello stranger, I see you are here, ready to go then are you?” asked Mick. I looked
over at Dad with a raised eyebrow. He chuckled at me.
“Yes gentlemen, we are ready to leave, I trust that you are leading us back to Ponta?”
Dad asked the Pelicans.
“Yes we are,” said Pauly, “but then we have to fly over to help our group and we were
just debating the best way to go, weren’t we Mick?” Pauly had a slight edge to his voice.
“Oh what the hell, we’ll do it your way, with this map,” there was a sarcastic sting to his
tone. “You always were better at directions than me anyway.” It almost looked as if he
was about to sulk.
“That’s because you just get out there and fly in whatever direction
fancies you, and
grant you we never have a dull moment, we also never get to where we are supposed to
be on time. So yes, you two will follow us out of here and spend the night in the Ponta
main camp site.” They shuffled us into the car as if there was no
time to lose and before
I could even say goodbye to them we were following them out of the bush to the lights
of the car.
It took us about an hour to get out and by the time we were on beach sand again it was
half past eight in the evening. Pauly and Mick led us to a dune road and gave Dad
instructions on how to come out to the camp site. We arrived at it at a quarter past nine