and it was already dark. We checked in with the guard at the main gate and drove to our
site not far in the grounds. It was beneath some thorn trees and was a very nice area
indeed with the ablution blocks not too close. We set up camp quickly with our instant
tents and Dad had a fire going in the fire pit in no time. It was a welcome change to the
cabin we were staying in as I loved camping so much. I was also glad to be getting some
one on one time with Dad.
We sat in our canvas chairs for a long while. Every now and then Dad would get up and
shuffle around looking for something or to stretch his legs, he seemed anxious for some
reason. I let him be as a I was enjoying the camp site and being in nature. I noticed a few
other kids from the island had also set up camp in the same facility and declined a few
invitations to chat. Dad pulled out a cooler box from the car and handed me a brown
bag of prepared food. It was a delicious collection of fruit and a large sandwich filled
thick with bacon, one of my all-time favourites. At the bottom of the bag were two of
my favourite chocolates. I smiled up at him. He too got his favourites in
his bag and
when we compared foods we laughed at how well looked after we were by our dear
Pelican friends.
We ate our meal and Dad relaxed some more. I could tell it was getting back to
Johannesburg that was worrying him because it meant we would be that much closer to
whatever was going to happen. It also meant getting back to the world with all the hard
hitting news stories and depressing newspaper headlines. The anxiety of what was
coming was almost as bad as what was coming.
After dinner we took a
short walk around the camp. It had a lot of trees and the
humidity and heat gave it a very unique African smell and feel to it that was simply
wonderful. We headed off to the ablution facility and had a cold shower. Dad loved to
sing in the shower and before long we were belting out some of our favourite songs
much to the dismay of some nearby campers. We eventually stopped our performance