me incredibly anxious. I started to worry about who I could speak to and what if I
needed to talk to someone about
what was going on? What if someone saw me talking
to a Pelican? These I worried about. I decided to ask Dad what he did when it happened
to him for the first time.
“Well my boy, it’s not that easy. You will have to keep a large part of it to yourself.
That’s just the way it is. At least you can speak to me whenever you want,” he said. “I
know where you are going with this though, and no, you cannot tell your mother or your
sister, at least not yet,” he told me sternly. I could understand where he was coming
from, Mom would have a fit if she heard even a fraction of what I had been doing with
Dad, she was very protective and this would give her a heart attack. As for Caity, well
she would want to know why she wasn’t involved, and of course she would make it
known to whomever was around that she could speak to Pelicans and that they spoke
back to her. I smiled at the thought, but it did bring up another question.
“We are going to have to tell them at some stage aren’t we?” I asked Dad but I knew the
“You know as well as I do Matt that things are going to change and you and I are going
to be part of that change, so it isn’t something we can keep from them forever, in fact
that would be irresponsible. For now though, until we get more clear direction as to
what it is we are going to be doing, I suggest we just go about our business as per usual,”
he paused for a bit before he continued. “I can tell you that all of us guardians received
an approximate time frame as to how long we will have before things
start moving and
you and I have a few months at least.”
This sounded good to me at first but then I realised that the anxiety would intensify with
a long waiting period. At least I would have time to practice what I had learned for a