Dad activated the Bluetooth speaker
phone and dialled a number. It rang for a bit and
then came the familiar voice of mom.
“Hi it’s me,” Dad said, “how are you?”
Her voice kicked up a notch in excitement, “fine and you? Where are you? Can I speak to
“We are about half an hour away, you’re on speaker, Matty is right here?”
“Hi mom,” I said in as smooth a tone as I could manage, but just hearing her voice nearly
made me cry. I didn’t realise just how much I had missed her.
“My boy!” she cried, “it feels like forever since I’ve seen you, did you have fun? Are you
okay? Did you miss us?” she just couldn’t help herself.
“Of course I did mom, and I am fine and yes I had fun,” I told her, “I will fill you in on
everything when I get home.
“Okay my boy we will see you in a bit, drive safe. Thank you Jarred,” she said to Dad.
“It’s a pleasure, see you in a bit,” he said and ended the call.
PART 1: Chapter 11
Within half an hour we pulled into the driveway and mom was standing there with
Caitlin and Peter. I got out of the car and was nearly hugged to death. Dad and Peter got
on well and that was something I really appreciated. The two of them got to talking on