the side while mom hauled me inside to tell her all about my trip. As was her thing she
couldn’t help smothering me with some sort of gift or something similar. I walked into a
full spread of cake and sweets and muffins. Mom just smiled at me. Her reasoning was
that I was out of civilisation for so long that I was probably missing all these treats. I
didn’t have the heart to tell her that all I felt like was having some fruit and a bath.
Caitlin was also all over me to find out what I did and if I met any mermaids. I was glad
to be home, but I knew that I would not be able to keep up the charade of having just
been on holiday for too long so I needed to start showing signs of fatigue. I didn’t like
lying to mom so I told her all the parts about the holiday that would seem normal to her
and which were true, like where we stayed and meeting other people and the food we
What seemed to catch mom’s attention the most was how I spoke about the twins and
of course Kim. She almost couldn’t understand how I could form such a bond with
someone over what to her was just a short holiday. So I backed off the emotion when I
spoke of my friends. After about twenty minutes both mom and Caity were satisfied
with my recount of my holiday and turned their attention to Dad who was standing in
the lounge talking normal man stuff to Peter. Caitlin looked at Dad and without skipping
a beat asked him what he brought her back from Mozambiqueland. He laughed a warm
laugh and took out a big fluffy stuffed Pelican toy. He shot me a glance and winked. He
proceeded to take out another two for Peter and mom, each one was distinctly different.
Dad and Peter had brought the bags in and after a cup of coffee and some of the cake
and muffins Dad announced that he was going to go. Him and mom worked out the rest
of the schedule for our visits and then asked me to come outside so he can have a quick
chat, just him and I. When I got outside I felt sad that he was going to go, even though in
reality he lived close by.