“You mean like the platform nine and three quarters in Harry Potter?” I asked Dad, it
was the only way I could make sense of what he was saying.
“Yes, precisely, it is very much the same. What’s more though is that this place and the
others like it are not run by people, but by the animals who inhabit that space. These
creatures have shown themselves to the human world in a specific way, but in reality,
well you have seen for yourself what is possible.”
“But what about the animals on TV, like the Pelicans in that animal programme on DSTV,
they surely would have spoken when in pain or used their hidden hands?” I asked hastily,
trying to give my mind some sort of edge to counteract the situation.
“As I said, they have shown themselves to the world in a specific way, even if it meant
sacrificing themselves. You
will learn that these Pelicans view self sacrifice for the
greater good as the highest honour for any one of them.
“No doubt one of your questions will be ‘why me’. Well in short, some of us were
chosen by these creatures to enter into their worlds and see what is truly real and what
is not. Ever since we have been working hand in hand to heal this planet of ours and its
inhabitants. Our family has a long history dating where we were asked to join this tribe
of Pelican’s in their work with our great planet.
Rumour has it that our descendants, I don’t quite know how many ‘greats’ to say, were
great supporters of nature and conservation and their tireless service and work was held
in high esteem by the Pelican’s who approached them to join forces and strengthen the
conservation work they were doing.” It was a lot to take in, but Dad had that look on his
face, the look that normally came before something very serious was going to be said.