“Don’t worry my boy, I am right here when you need me,” he placed his hand on my
chest over my heart. “When you need me you know how to find me.” I felt a surge
through his hand go straight into my chest as his energy string joined with mine. “It’s the
benefit of us being family, we are connected and it’s a tad easier calling each other than
if we weren’t. Just find me and send me your intention and I will come to you, simple.” I
smiled at him and then gave him a huge hug. It was like having a built in cell phone. “I
will see you soon my boy,” he smiled at me just as Caitlin came running out. She wasn’t
one to be left out of
anything and rushed into Dads open arms to serenade him off. I
mouthed the words I love you to Dad and then made my way inside. After a couple of
minutes I heard Caitlin come inside muttering something about stars as Dad’s car drove
The next couple
of days I spent getting back into my old routine and prepared for my
first day back at school. It was the end of our second term holidays and I was a little
nervous. I used to be a whole hell of a lot nervous but since my encounter with the
Pelicans and my eye opening trip with Dad I felt a lot more confident and a lot more at
ease with who I was and what I was. It was the first time in my life that I felt ready for
school, and although nervous, I was looking forward to seeing some of my school friends
teachers. I also knew that the question of what we did during our holidays would
come up and I had perfected telling the truth without telling the whole story and giving
anything away. I had practiced on my grandparents the night before and pretty much
had it perfected for school.
When I got back to school we hit the ground running. It was as if the teachers thought
that the little break we had must have set us back light years in our education and we
needed to catch up as soon as possible. There was also
the small matter of studying for
our exams which added to the very busy schedule. I slotted back into my cross country
running for the school which was something I really enjoyed because it helped me
switch off and forget about everything. The whole crazy
busy time helped me focus a lot