on what was in front of me and at times I totally forgot that I was one of a handful of
Pioneers that had been chosen to do something for the world and had no idea what it
When Caitlin and I visited Dad it was all pretty normal, we’d go camping or fishing one
or two nights or he’d take us to the park with his new girlfriend, Sue. She was great and
she had a daughter, Hannah, the same age as Caitlin and they instantly became best
friends, it took a lot of pressure off
me to entertain Caity all the time. When Dad and I
snuck a quiet moment together he checked to see if I was okay. I told him how I was
feeling and he told me not to worry, it was just the quiet before the storm, so to speak.
This didn’t make me feel any better.
Over the next couple of months things went pretty normally and I suppose according to
schedule as well. Dad was totally preoccupied with his new love and it wasn’t long
before him and Sue moved in together. It was great to see him so happy. I did notice
one day that Sue had a tattoo of a Pelican on her left shoulder and when she noticed me
looking at it she just gave me a wink and one of those annoying adult smiles that said
everything but nothing at the same time. On one particular weekend that I was with
Dad he mentioned to me that he had received instruction from Kayla that I was to pay
particular attention to my Natural Sciences subject at school, especially the exam and
the project we were busy with.
It was environmental awareness week at school and we were learning about all types of
alternative power sources and very simple things that could generate power or heat just
from one day of sunlight. It was quite amazing because it was not only about harnessing
solar power though solar panels and converting it to electricity but it was also about
redistributing existing energy to multiple systems. Also the small things that people
could do even if they were stuck on a deserted island. I knew to take the instruction
seriously and with the project and
exams managed to obtain a ninety one