percentaverage. I was extremely proud of my efforts and felt a burning desire to do
more internet research on the subject.
I unfortunately also came across a lot of information regarding the damage that had
been done to the world by our current
power solutions and how a lot of that damage
would not be reversed within the lifespan of our civilisation, and that the only hope for
reversal was the total elimination of the human species for a period of one hundred and
fifty years. I sort of stopped doing research on the internet after that and stuck to the
books I got out of the school library. Even mom and my grandparents bought me a
couple of books on the subject when they noticed my recent interest in it. I loved
reading and devoured the books in no time. With all the reading and the programmes
on the Discovery channel that I had been watching, I became a walking library on
alternative fuel sources.
I also knew that none of this was by accident and the words of the General about the
fact that Mother Nature will be stepping up her defence echoed in my mind many times.
I felt the time for our tasks as Pioneers draw closer and closer. Within a few days of
finishing a book on solar powered windmills I felt an overwhelming urge to contact
Kayla. I lay on
my bed and grabbed hold of the cowry shell on my wrist. I pictured her
beaky face and called her name in my head. Within a few minutes I saw shimmering in
the corner of my room and an almost transparent full size image of Kayla stood there,
preening her feathers.
“Do you not know it’s rude to shout?” she asked. I obviously spoke her name a little too
loud. “You nearly made me bite myself boy,” she stopped preening and looked up at me
with a big warm Pelican smile. It filled my heart with warmth.
“I got an overwhelming feeling that I needed to speak to you,” I said bluntly.