I felt
rather guilty for not having contacted them as. We would all catch up tonight
though. My excessive thinking about time actually made it go slower. I took my mind off
it completely and at second break I sat on an old log at school and became still, as
Suriyan had taught me. I felt the gentle breeze sweeping the leaves around the floor of
the school yard. I felt the warmth of the sun on my cheeck. I felt the muscles in my face
stretch the skin around my mouth as I smiled. My eyes were closed and my mind was
still. In no time the bell rang and it was time for the last two lessons of the day.
From there the day flowed normally and at times it actually felt a bit quicker than
normal. Before I knew it I was at home and helping Peter with dinner. By the time mom
got home from work dinner was ready, we ate and then it was time to clean up. I was
bathed with homework done all by half past seven that evening. I played a quick game
of chess with Peter, which I won as always and then said good night to everyone. I was
in my room and on my bed with five minutes to spare. I had a small touch light that was
stuck to the headboard of my bed. I sat upright with my legs crossed and made sure I
was comfortable.
I closed my eyes and began to focus on my own energy string. I could sense a deep
purple being my predominant colour. After enjoying the rich deep purple I attempted to
dial into our group as I had done when we were all on the island. I was not having any
luck. After a few attempts sweat formed on my brow and I nearly gave up. A thought
came to me that I was resisting because my brain could not understand how this was
possible when we were all so far away from each other. I realised my mistake. I took my
mind back to Suriyan’s words where he told us that space does not exist only in the way
we have come to learn. I remembered the explanation of the two objects that are
connected. I focused on this and released my mind of trying to make sense of anything.
This is not to say that it was any easier but at least I could sense the group. The more I
focused the stronger it became and the more energy I lost. I then remembered that