listening to my own tune would give me back a lot of what I lost. I focused on my tune
to give me energy and it did so remarkably fast. I again felt the immense pride as the
humming of my soul filled my ears. It was now a lot easier to find the group connection
which was a thick golden string. My focus hovered over it and I set my intention to find
the rock and roll strings of John and Phil as well as Kims the sweet melodic harp sound. I
also set the intention of not getting lost in their tunes. I knew this would be difficult
since we had not been practicing like we were supposed to be.
This time round Kim came through first. Her string had a bright pink colour to it and I
swam in the sound of her soul. My heart skipped a beat. It came through as an upbeat
pop tune. It took a lot of listening to my own sound not to get lost in hers. Next upwas
Phil in bright orange and John in bright red. Their sounds were very similar to before and
I was glad to see that nothing had really changed.
As my focus held the energy strings together I was grateful that they were still and that
we were dialling into each other. I flattened my string to get my rich deep purple colour
to envelop theirs. I felt excited and could not wait to chat to my friends again. I felt silly
for not doing it sooner. After some intense focus and few more attempts than I had at
the infirmary I managed to wrap around them and I felt my string then shoot off into all
three directions from the source and head off. I wondered with intent where Kim was
and what she was doing.
“Why, I am in my bedroom my dear, talking to friends who are all on different
continents, and you?” she said in a giggly British accent. It made me laugh out loud. I felt
pure joy at the sound of her voice. I felt the twins poke their heads in by starting a
conversation with the two of us.
“See, I told you they would be together before we even got a chance to get a word in,”
came John’s voice.