“I know,” replied Phil, “how the hell are you guys?” he asked excitedly. I could feel from
their energies that they were not in the same location as the other.
“I am fine, can’t speak for Kim though, she sounds a bit funny. Where are you guys, I can
sense you are not together?” I asked curiously.
“Well, I am in Melbourne on the outskirts of the Bunyip State Forest,” came Phil’s reply.
“And I am in Sydney, the base of the Blue Mountains to be exact,” said John.
“Why apart?” asked Kim, “and I am fine by the way, don’t listen to Matt, he is getting
too old for jokes now,” her playful tone perked me up a lot.
“We don’t know yet, Aunt Molly got instructions from Kayla to assist us to get to these
locations. We both have a feeling that something is going to happen over the next few
days so we are getting ready,” there was dead silence after he said this. It was because
the reality of the situation had hit home. Could it be that it was beginning now? Were
we ready? What was going to happen? I
felt my and Kim’s energy strings start to move
about a bit.
“Now now you two just take it easy, we all knew what we were getting into. Besides, we
were told that if we let you lot know, Kayla would personally fly here and kill us, so don’t
fret, you’ll get us killed. Is that what you want?” John asked in a flippant tone that eased
the tension. It was true, Kayla would kill all of us, so we had to watch ourselves, but that
didn’t make us worry any less.
I concentrated on the energy strings of my friends, the tunes had changed slightly for
the twins. I listened intently to Kim’s. It too had changed a bit. My heart dropped. “Kim?’
I said.