“Yes,” she answered in a playful tone.
“Is there something you would like to tell us, and remember who you are speaking to
before you answer,” I asked her. I had a suspicion she was hiding something from us and
she was using her playful personality to do it. There was an extended silence and I felt
the twins turn their attention to her as well. We waited in anticipation.
“Jeez,” she said eventually, “is nothing sacred anymore. I was sworn to secrecy,
especially for you Matt, but since the twins are so forthcoming with their information I
suppose I should do the same. In about two weeks I have to be in North Chesington,
something is going to happen and I will be needed when it starts. I don’t know what it is
though. What I do know is that there will be some preparation work and then
something will happen and then there will be more work. I have also been told to enjoy
the next few weeks until I start, as a sort of vacation, which is going to be impossible
now that I know you two are going to be in the thick of it in a few days time,” she said to
the twins.
My heart sank and I began to understand why we were sworn to secrecy, I was going to
need a lot of help not worrying myself to death. I sensed the attention of all three of my
friends turn towards me. I knew what it was they wanted to know. “Nothing yet from
my side, but I have sensed that something is coming though and I need to get ready. I
have been doing a ton of research on renewable energy for school which I think will be
relevant somewhere along the line,” I told them. My heart skipped a beat when I felt
their relief. The fact that they cared this much made me feel much better.
“I want us to make a pact,” said Phil.
“What’s that?” Kim asked.