“When the proverbial doo doo hits the fan, we must not go looking for each other, it will
be too distracting. Let’s leave it to each of us to call upon the rest when our task is
or in emergencies only. Besides, I think we will all know when it starts for each of us.”
His request made sense. If the person who was busy with their task had control of the
communication it would make things easier.
“Agreed,” said John. “You have
my word not to interfere unless asked to, for all of you.”
“Mine too,” said Kim.
“Me as well,” I said.
“Good,” came Phil’s voice, “and you all have mine.”
The four of us were silent for a while afterwards. The closeness between us was tangible
and as I listened to the tune of my friends I started to hear a different sound all together.
“Can you guys hear that?” I whispered.
“Hear what?” asked the twins in unison.
“I can hear it and it’s beautiful,” said Kim.
“What is it?” the twins asked again.
“It’s us,” I said. “It’s our combined sound, the tune of our tunes in harmony. I never
heard it before. Let’s be quiet and listen to it.” We became still and in the background
the sound started to come to the front of our awareness. It was soft at first because we