were still focused on each other’s energy strings, but as we shifted our focus it became
louder and more noticeable.
“Ah, yes, there it is,” the twins sighed. It
was like sitting on a windowsill in winter and
basking in the winter sun as it filtered through the panes, heating you up from the inside.
I am not sure how long we sat and listened to it for, but it didn’t matter. When I shifted
back to speaking to my friends and moving away from our harmony, I felt not only more
energised, but also reassured that everything was going exactly according to plan.
“You guys,” I said, “I think we need to call it quits for today, I have to get some sleep
before school tomorrow and I am sure you will all be thinking about what it is you need
to do over the next few days and weeks. Let’s stay in touch though, same time
tomorrow?” I asked. There was a general nod of agreement, although it wasn’t quite a
nod, if you know what I mean. We said our goodbye’s and although I was concerned and
nervous and very afraid for the safety of my friends, I was comforted by the knowledge
that everything was going exactly as it should.
The twins mentioned that they were given instructions to practice dialling into other
groups that were in their vicinity, who were also waiting for their tasks to start.
Although they were not bonded together as we were, they were still able to
communicate with a little help from their Pelican guides. Over the next
three nights we
practiced honing our connection to each other and also listened more intently to our
own harmonic tune which was more captivating than ever on the last night. I had taken
a fall at school earlier and hurt my arm just below the elbow. I had
a nasty bruise, but as
we neared the end of our session together my arm felt perfectly normal and when I
looked at the bruise it had all but disappeared. The twins and Kim also noticed that
some small ailments they were suffering from had improved considerably.