“Is this why you have always been so big on the environment and stuff Dad?” I asked. I
knew the answer but I needed to delay whatever the serious thing was that was about
to be said.
“Yes bear, that is I why have been so ‘big’ on the environment. Up to now though I have
not really been as ‘big’ as I should have been. I got caught up in the world as we have
made it and have neglected my responsibilities that I pledged to all those years ago. But
I am hoping to change that. We have been asked to come here together because there
is something happening to our planet, in fact all
the tribes around the world have
summoned their allies to prepare for what lies ahead.” This was the serious thing that I
was hoping to delay.
“What is it Dad, what is happening to the planet?” He could hear the slight panic in my
voice, he put a reassuring hand on my knee.
“I don’t know, all I know is that we are about to find out.” Dad stood up just as a
beautiful Pelican swooped in on silent wings and landed on the table where we were
sitting. She was the most magnificent shade of pure blue I had ever seen in my life. The
way she moved and looked made it impossible to think she was anything but a woman.
“Hello Kayla” Dad greeted warmly.
“Hello Jarred” she returned with a voice as golden as the sunlight covering the beach.
She opened her wings and Dad gave her a big hug, it was quite something to see as she
wrapped her huge wings around him and nuzzled the side of his head with her soft beak.
“And who do we have here?” she asked, breaking the embrace and turning her
attention to me. “Don’t look so taken aback my boy, haven’t you ever seen a talking lady
Pelican before?” She held the silence for a short while and then burst into joyous