part of a full day to get to the water and he threw his bag down and all the rope in
frustration. The going was tough and he was tired. It was unnaturally hot and dry and he
was dying of thirst. He bent over the water to wash his face and have a cool drink. The
water was refreshing and very inviting. He took out a sleeping matt and rolled it out on
the grass and merrily started to strip down to his underwear and prepared to take a
little dip in the water and then have a little rest.
“I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” came a sweet voice up above him somewhere. Phil
spun around looking for the girl the voice belonged to but saw no one.
“Up here dummy,” she said again.
He looked up and in a tree off to the edge of the outcropped rock face sat a very blue
and very sweet looking bird. ‘Oh’, thought Phil to himself, ‘should have known’. He felt a
little foolish for having forgotten he could hear animals talk and began to blush.
“No need to feel foolish human,” said the bird, “I also forget things sometimes.” She
chirped a little song as if to lighten up the moment a little.
“So why should I not take a dip in the pool?” asked Phil as he stood in his boxer shorts
talking to the small blue bird. To anyone else he would have seemed insane.
“Because it’s about to get very busy around here and you don’t want to be running
around in your under clothes trying to get grips with what’s coming your way.” Phil
laughed at first but then realised where he was, why he was where he was and that to
ignore the warning of anything kind enough to help him would be foolish. He scrambled
to get his clothes back on, his shoes took the most time. Although it was only minutes it
felt like he was fiddling with the laces and trying to get the waterproof boots back on
properly for hours. He hastily rolled up the sleeping mat and shoved the rest of the